F1: Around 20 of the stolen Red Bull trophies found in lake


More than a week after upwards of 60 trophies were stolen in a robbery at Red Bull Racing headquarters in the UK, around 20 of the prizes have been recovered from a lake in Sandhurst, England.

Multiple reports on the story have relayed the following statement from a spokesman with the Thames Valley Police:

“Some of the trophies were recovered from Horseshoe Lake near Sandhurst…We estimate about 20 trophies have been recovered, but we are liaising with Red Bull to establish the exact number as some of the trophies are damaged.”

In the early hours of Dec. 6, a group of six men used a 4×4 to drive through the front entrance at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes and then took the trophies. Night staff at the factory were left unharmed.

In addition to the 4×4, police mentioned a “further dark colored, black or dark blue Mercedes estate car” as a second vehicle involved in the robbery. Both are believed to have foreign license plates.

For those in the UK, Thames Valley Police asks anyone that has information on the robbery or has found a trophy or parts of a trophy near Horseshoe Lake to contact them on its non-emergency inquiry center number 101.