Fry, Tombazis out as part of Ferrari’s ongoing restructuring


Pat Fry and Nikolas Tombazis, Ferrari’s technical director and chief designer respectively, are out as part of the Scuderia’s restructuring under new team principal Maurizio Arrivabene.

Fry had been with Ferrari since 2010 and Tombazis since 2006. Both had been with McLaren in their past roles.

As could be expected given the changes in the team, these come down as the management sweeps out prior figures from the Stefano Domenicali-led administration.

In the clarified, simplified structure, James Allison has been appointed full technical director as opposed to just chassis technical director, and given greater responsibilities at the head of the flow chart.

Allison will be responsible for all technical aspects and direct all track engineering activities.

Those working under Allison include: Chief Designer Simone Resta, Power Unit Director Mattia Binotto, with the latter will be supported by Chief Designer Power Unit Lorenzo Sass.

Several others were named in the release to new roles. However the technical reorganization is what Ferrari F1 needs to get sorted first, after five lackluster seasons from 2010 to 2014 without any World Championships.