Blast from the past: British video shows what NHRA was like back in 1990


Every once in a while, we come across some old video footage of NASCAR, IndyCar (or CART before it), Formula One and NHRA that just absolutely enthralls us.

How many of us love to go back in time and see what a certain form of racing — and its personalities — were like back in the day? I’m betting the answer is quite a few.

So as I was looking for something entirely different today, I stumbled upon a video posted Tuesday on YouTube that had a rather unique spin: a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) program from back in 1990.

It was fun to see drivers like John Force (who would have been only 40 years old back then), now-retired multi-Top Fuel champ Joe Amato, former Top Fuel driver Lori Johns, legendary crew chief Lee Beard and so much more.

It was also neat to hear the drivers talk about attaining speeds or elapsed times that, compared to today, seemed like glacially slow back then.

We especially loved how the announcer, in talking about Top Fuel and Funny Car, described the fuel that powers those types of rides as nitro-ME-thane, when it’s actually nitromethane. Probably has something to do with the accent, I guess.

So if you like blasts from the past, you’ll likely love to watch this. And check out some of the hair-do’s and hairstyles. Did some of us REALLY look like that back in the day?

Check it out:

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