Kurt Busch calls ex-girlfriend’s allegations a ‘fabrication’


Kurt Busch on Wednesday rebutted charges by former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll, calling her accusations of physically attacking her a “fabrication.”

Busch testified in Kent County (Del.) Family Court, the second day of a hearing in which Driscoll is seeking a order of protection against Busch and associates to stay away from her.

Driscoll has alleged that the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series star slammed her head against the wall of his motorcoach three times during an argument this past September during a race weekend at Dover International Speedway.

During her testimony in front of a family court commissioner on Tuesday, Driscoll alleged that in addition to being physically violent, Busch is also an alcoholic and depressed.

Busch has denied all of Driscoll’s claims. His attorneys have previously said Driscoll has made the allegations against Busch because she remains upset over the couple’s breakup.

Dover (Del.) police are continue their own separate criminal investigation of the incident.

During his testimony Wednesday, Busch said he was sleeping in his motorcoach when Driscoll and her son, Houston, came uninvited and unannounced to the track and sought to see him.

According to a report by Jon Offredo of the Wilmington (Del.) News-Journal, “Busch testified that he had been sleeping the night of Sept. 26 when Driscoll arrived at his motorhome with her then-nine-year-old son, Houston. He says he told her repeatedly to leave, but she kept bringing her son in from another room, saying that Busch needed to tell the boy that the relationship between Busch and Driscoll was over.”

Busch denied Driscoll’s allegations that he reportedly struck her head three times against the bedroom wall of his motorcoach during an argument.

“I took my hands and cupped her cheeks and I looked at her eye to eye and I said ‘You need to leave.’ I was defusing the situation,” Busch said during his testimony, according to The Associated Press.

Offredo wrote that Busch told the court he was naked during the encounter with Driscoll.

“It needs to be described because of the fabrication we listened to yesterday,” Busch said.

Busch’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, accused Driscoll of trespassing and added that the incident may never have occurred if she had left the scene, or never even came to confront Busch from her home in nearby Maryland.

“Can you agree with me, ma’am, you don’t need a protection order from him? Neither of you wants to be near the other,” Hardin asked Driscoll in court.

To which Driscoll responded “No, I don’t agree.”

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