IndyCar champ Will Power’s hidden talent — breakdancing


Sometimes, the outtakes are better than the movie, and that’s certainly the case with the latest edition of The Penske Files.

So, reigning IndyCar champ Will Power and Penske Racing teammate Juan Pablo Montoya are doing what apparently is a Team Penske tradition: an end-of-year review.

It’s actually more of an ego thing, as after each cutaway shot, another trophy seems to pop up out of nowhere, with Power holding the edge in trophies earned in 2014, including the IndyCar championship trophy.

Why, Power even has a unique surf board trophy that he decides to do some shoulder curls with. “Just stretching,” he replies when Montoya asks what he’s doing.

Included in the video are Power telling Montoya there’s a “Penske Way” of tucking his shirt into his pants, as well as Power laughing about Montoya’s previous stint in NASCAR (“You’ve been away for a long time driving big busses”).

With Power showing off, the video ends with Montoya telling his teammate, “Oh Willy, really? Grow up!”

That’s the end of the video — or so we thought.

Then comes the outtake, which winds up being the best part of the entire video: Power decides to channel his inner Jeff Gordon and demonstrates his previously unknown ability at breakdancing on a table.

While it’s not nearly as expansive as when Gordon revealed his secret talent a couple years back, Power does a decent — albeit short — “dance move” as he calls it.

Remember, watch the entire video all the way through and then you’ll see Power’s “dance routine.”