John Force like you’ve never seen him: ‘Papa John’ the grandfather (video)


John Force may have a very public persona in the world of NHRA drag racing, but at the same time, he’s also a very private person.

But in a new video released by John Force Racing, we see a side of Force rarely seen: that of “Papa John.”

No, not the pizza maker, but rather John the grandfather.

The three-minute video stars Force and his two grandsons, Jacob and Noah Hood. Their mom is Force’s daughter and former NHRA Funny Car driver Ashley Force-Hood, and their father is Daniel Hood, a longtime JFR employee.

“Papa John is a race car driver. He goes really fast down the race track,” three-year-old Jacob says so precociously in the video.

Later, Jacob proudly says, “We play with (granddad) before the run” and “I help him get ready.”

Then, Jacob adds:

“Sometimes he wins. … Sometimes he lost. But we still love him. … I wanna be like Papa when I grow up.”

Using a Go-Pro camera to record everything, we get a great behind-the-scenes vista, seeing Force fist-bumping with his grandsons, riding on his scooter, interacting with fans and, of course, behind the wheel of his legendary race car as he makes another 300-plus mph run down the racetrack.

Even if you’re not a drag racing fan, you can’t help but smile and feel warm inside after watching this. It’s a great video, just in time for the holidays.

As Force likes to say, “Drag racing is all about family. My real family and my family at the racetrack.”

And the video proves that statement so true.

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