WEC: 2015 sporting regulations for series released by FIA


Multiple tweaks have been made to the World Endurance Championship sporting regulations by the FIA ahead of the 2015 season, which begins April 12th at Silverstone.

A single LMP1 category will go into effect next season with the LMP1-H and LMP1-L classes now known as hybrid or non-hybrid respectively.

Qualifying will change as only one timed lap from two drivers will count towards the official time. Also, a Silver or Bronze-rated LMP2 driver or a Bronze-rated GTE-Am driver must be one of the qualifying drivers. The length of the sessions are also set to be reduced from 25 to 20 minutes.

Tire limits will also come into play. LMP1 teams will be limited to six sets of tires per six-hour race and four sets per practice. LMP2 cars will have four sets per race and three per practice, and GTE classes will have six sets per race and four per practice. Also, tire makers no longer have the right to refuse supply to teams.

Those are among the already approved changes but other potential changes are also possible according to John Dagys of SportsCar 365, and they could be approved during the next World Motor Sports Council meeting in March.

The potential changes include adjustments in drive time amounts for several categories; engine restrictions in the LMP1 category; driver weight/ballast rules; new testing rules, including what would be a mandatory rookie test from LMP1 manufacturers; and personnel restrictions in LMP1.

The WEC will once again visit the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas in mid-September.