Australians thankful for Marcos Ambrose return and applaud his time in NASCAR


One of our new favorite web sites is, whose motto is “Get Your Daily Racing Fix!”

Based in Australia, the site obviously goes all-in in its coverage of Australian motorsport, particularly the V8 Supercars.

In a new video, part of their regular ARMOR ALL Summer Grill series on, Aussie racing analysts Aaron Noonan and Jack Perkins debate:

“Was Marcos Ambrose’s NASCAR foray a success?”

We won’t spill the beans on their answer – that’s for you to see on the video – but let’s just say that our Australian friends did not diss the U.S. or NASCAR because they now have Marcos back on homeland shores.

(And trust me, Australians are all a-twitter to have their national hero back home and racing in the Supercar ranks again, of which he’s a former two-time champ before he went to try his hand in America and NASCAR.)

In fact, the two analysts were quite complimentary about NASCAR, the U.S. and Ambrose’s time in both.

If you’re a Marcos Ambrose fan and want to keep up with his progress back home and in the Supercar series, definitely bookmark

Check out the video below:

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