Updated FIA calendar quietly removes Korean GP

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The updated FIA 2015 International Sporting Calendar was released on Tuesday, and features one notable but perhaps unsurprising omission.


The Korean Grand Prix, added to the calendar at this month’s earlier World Motor Sport Council meeting, has been removed from the list of Grands Prix. It had been listed for May 3.

However, while the Korean race itself isn’t listed, the banner above the F1 calendar still lists “21 competitions” – implying that Korea would still be there.

This is either a typo in it not removing the 21 and moving it down to 20, or an inadvertent oversight by the FIA in taking a race off the schedule that was not meant to be taken off.

Either way, 21 vs. 20 races is the interesting number as it relates to F1’s number of power units each car can use over the season.

At only four units, for five races apiece, 20 is the perfect number – 21 threw a monkey wrench into that theory when Korea was announced.

The Korean race, as it was, appeared a bit of an albatross anyway. There were doubts by many key paddock insiders and reporters who thought the race had about a snowball’s chance of going off – either at the Korean International Circuit in Mokpo or a potential new event, a street race, in Seoul.

Here’s more from Joe Saward on why Korea seemed an unlikely prospect for 2015 at the time it was announced.