Merry Christmas from MotorSportsTalk!


A word from the writers…

We pause today this Christmas Day – a day celebrated by millions worldwide – to give thanks and reflect here on MotorSportsTalk.

Thank you all for the support, time spent reading and sharing, and spreading the word like carolers around the block for our second season of coverage. We hope this has been a gift to you to provide the best possible Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar and other series (Red Bull GRC among more) coverage.

We continue to welcome and appreciate your opinions and insights on what we do, and strive to continue it going forward into 2015 – bigger plans are in the works for year three to build off what we did this year like an even taller Christmas tree.

Today, however, give yourselves a break from the technology! Enjoy this 2014 Christmas Day with your family and friends. We’ll be here when you return. And, Lord willing, we’ll be here for a good long while after that.

Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, Buon Natale…Merry Christmas.

– Your friends at MotorSportsTalk