Does your worst Christmas gift “top” that of Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

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Practical items for the home were apparently not high up on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Christmas list when he was younger.

The Sprint Cup superstar killed some time on Twitter today before a flight to visit his girlfriend’s family. As it’s one day after Christmas, the fan chat partly involved holiday gifts – including the worst such gift he’s gotten, a leaf blower from his father, seven-time Cup champ Dale Sr., and stepmother, Teresa:

This year, though, NASCAR’s most popular driver got some cool things next to his Christmas tree:

He also mentioned a rather neat gift he received one year from a fan:

The chat also had Earnhardt touch on other topics, including how he produces his victory burnouts, his favorite vacation spots, and how tough it’s been to be a Washington Redskins fan lately (last week’s upset win over the Eagles notwithstanding).

For more responses, head on over to his Twitter page.