F1: Enzo Ferrari’s only living son OK with changes in Maranello


Piero Ferrari, the only living son of the iconic Enzo Ferrari, has given his blessing to the wholesale changes that have occurred in the manufacturer’s quest to reclaim glory in Formula One.

In an interview with Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, Piero Ferrari also asserted that new Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne is the right man to revive the Scuderia’s fortunes – calling him a person who “hates delays” and “[recognizes and solves] problems instantly.”

“I saw him speaking clearly and honestly, without subterfuge or like a politician,” he said to the Italian publication. “I am excited by the generational change that is underway. Companies evolve, but Formula One forces you to renew yourself.”

Piero Ferrari added that his famous father would have recognized Marchionne’s way of doing things.

“Do not forget that at the end of 1961, my father fired the seven top executives and started again, putting the young Mauro Forghieri at the head of everything,” he said. “My father would have understood him at a glance.”

A disastrous 2014 season has led to, among other things, a partly revised driver lineup for 2015 with Sebastian Vettel joining holdover Kimi Raikkonen and a new team principal in Maurizio Arrivabene (who recently said his squad was aiming for at least two wins next season).

Like Marchionne and Arrivabene, Piero Ferrari is hopeful that Vettel, the four-time World Champion who’s coming off a decisive defeat in his final year at Red Bull against Daniel Ricciardo, can help turn the tide.

He also said he thinks that Raikkonen, a former World Champ himself, has not lost any of his talent and would be “able to express himself with the right machine.”

But also like Marchionne, Piero Ferrari seems to have tempered expectations about how Ferrari will fare in 2015. On the subject, he conceded that “there are no miracles in F1.”