One year on, we’re still all in on #KeepFightingMichael

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A year ago, Michael Schumacher suffered his severe skiing accident and fell into a coma.

The year since has seen slow, modest improvement, as he has since come out of the coma.

However, the most statistically successful driver in Formula One history, the seven-time World Champion and winner of 91 Grands Prix still has a long way to go, per his manager Sabine Kehm.

“It’s going to be a long time,” Kehm told Reuters.

Kehm also dismissed the claims of ex-F1 driver Philippe Streiff, who had claimed Schumacher was beginning to recognize family and those directly around him.

Here’s a small sampling of messages on social media continuing to wish the best for Michael in his recovery:

A list of Schumacher-related posts on MST since last December 29 can be found via the archive page.

In the absence of official news beyond what has been said by Schumacher’s manager, we’ll continue to avoid speculation, and also continue to wish the best for Schumacher as he keeps fighting.