Remembering those in motorsports that we lost in 2014


As we begin and look forward to 2015, it’s also time to look back and remember many of those in motorsports that we lost in 2014.

Among the more notable names:

Open-wheel racing: Gary Bettenhausen, Sir Jack Brabham.

NASCAR: Charles “Hoss” Ellington, Junie Donlavey (pictured), Raymond Fox, Dr. John Melvin, Ed Whitaker, Jim Sauter, Ed Negre.

NHRA: Raymond Beadle, Dale Armstrong.

Also: William Clay Ford (Ford Motor Co.), Gary Lee (ESPN broadcaster), John Bishop (IMSA co-founder), James Garner (actor).

Thanks to the fine folks at, here’s a list of many of those that left us this past year.

One name is missing from Autoweek’s list, but certainly deserves inclusion: Veteran motorsports public relations representative Denny Darnell, who left us in November.

May they all rest in peace.

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