Latest word on Rockingham sale or auction is…No word at all

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The fate of the Rockingham (N.C.) Speedway, which hosted NASCAR events from 1965-2004 and 2012-2013, is yet to be determined.

Andy Hillenburg and Bill Silas, owners of the one-mile oval known as “The Rock,” were supposed to have a sale or auction agreement for the track ready by a court-ordered deadline of Thursday.

But Corey Friedman of the Richmond County (N.C.) Daily Journal reports today that it’s unclear if Hillenburg and Silas had accomplished that task.

A Superior Court judge, David Lee, issued a consent order back in mid-October that required Hillenburg and Silas, by New Year’s Day, to either find a buyer for the speedway or set up an auction to avoid foreclosure.

A North Carolina-based bank, Farmers & Merchants, took Hillenburg and Silas to court over their inability to pay back a loan of more than $4 million on the property.

Attorneys for the owners and the bank held settlement meetings and also met with Lee in late September. That led to Lee putting a hearing of the bank’s complaint on hold so the lawyers could hammer out an agreement.