Check out Robby Gordon and his team’s last-minute prep for Dakar (VIDEO)

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Warning: The video above contains a brief instance of foul language.

Robby Gordon and his team members have been making the most of their lead-up to the 2015 Dakar Rally.

Over the last few days in Buenos Aires, the team has kept busy with last-minute adjustments to the No. 308 HST Gordini that Gordon and co-driver Johnny Campbell will take across Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile over the next fortnight.

“Preparations for a race like the Dakar are really never complete,” Gordon said earlier this week. “It is impossible to predict how your race will unfold so you prepare for every possibility and hope that most of your planning for the worst was a waste of time when you’re standing on the podium at the end.

“There is really no substitute for experience in a race like Dakar and now that we are entering our 11th Rally, we believe we’ve seen just about everything and know what to prepare for, but we also know there could be a new challenge around the next corner.

“It’s the ultimate survival test, which is what makes the Dakar Rally such a tremendous event.”

Earlier today, the team released a roughly four-minute clip that gives us a look into its final preparation for the Dakar – or as Gordon precisely calls it in the video, “the little s–t…the difference between winning and losing.”

Check it out above, and then be sure to watch daily highlights of the Dakar starting Monday at 4:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.