Iowa Speedway prez Jimmy Small shovels fan’s snow-covered walkway (PHOTOS)


As president of Iowa Speedway, Jimmy Small has many priorities.

But the biggest is making sure there are folks in the seats at his 7/8-mile oval, which hosts both NASCAR and IndyCar. How far is he willing to go to make that happen?

Well, for starters, he’ll subject himself to hard labor on a cold winter’s night.

On Monday afternoon, Small tweeted that he would personally come out to a fan’s home with shovel in hand if said fan would buy 2015 season tickets for his track’s events:

And as it turned out, he wasn’t kidding about that. Later that night, he went to the Lynville, Iowa home of Connor Fraker and saw what he was gonna be up against:

Fortunately for Small, it appears that Fraker decided to just have him clear the front walkway instead:

That’s one way to build a loyal fan base for your track. It’s definitely a clever bit of marketing on Small’s part, too.

Iowa Speedway’s racing season begins with a NASCAR XFINITY Series weekend in mid-May.