NASCAR star Austin Dillon gives cowboy hats to his favorite NFL team (hint: they’re not from Dallas)

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While it might be a bit more difficult to get something that contains Panther fur and the like, NASCAR star Austin Dillon has tried to pump up his favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, by giving a number of cowboy hats to the team’s running back corps.

On Thursday, Dillon, who is rarely seen without either a helmet or cowboy hat on his own head, gave the Panthers RBs six black Stetson cowboy hats, with bright “electric blue” feathers as accruements, according to The Charlotte Observer.

It’s likely at least some of those RBs will wear their new headwear en route to this weekend’s divisional championship game at Seattle.

Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams helped Dillon set up the post-holiday gift giving. Dillon gave Williams a white cowboy hat a few weeks back.

Check out Observer Panthers beat writer Jonathan Jones’ tweet about the cowboy hats and read his story for more about the event.

But we still have one question: what happens if the Panthers and Dallas Cowboys both advance to the NFL Conference Championship?

Do the Panthers still wear their cowboy hats prior to facing the real Cowboys?

Just sayin’.

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