Dakar: Fans help Chilean rider get his quad out of a ditch (VIDEO)


In the Dakar Rally, an accident can leave competitors stranded for a long time while they wait for help.

But Chilean quad rider Sebastian Palma caught a break when he ended up crashing his quad in a ditch earlier this week. A group of fans were nearby and proceeded to help Palma get back in the race.

The YouTube video from Ivan Nichiporchick starts with the machine laying on its side. Palma and the fans get it upright in the water before Palma backs it up and makes several attempts to escape the ditch.

Some of the fans then pull the front end of the quad while Palma pushes it from behind, and together, they get it out. Palma grabs his helmet and hops back on, but makes sure to wave to his helpers before zooming away on the dusty road.

After five stages in the 2015 Dakar, Palma is currently running 14th overall in the quads category. He is roughly four and a half hours behind current leader Rafal Sonik.

Hat tip to Chile’s El Lapicero.

NBCSN’s coverage of the Dakar Rally continues today at 4 p.m. ET.