So did Dale Jr.’s girlfriend trump him in fantasy football?


It was a rather trying NFL season for diehard Washington Redskins fan Dale Earnhardt Jr., whose favorite team was just terrible in 2014, going 4-12.

Also, Junior is a major fantasy football fan who takes part in several leagues during the season, including at least one league with several of his NASCAR buddies.

But given that his fantasy team(s) were likely stocked with Redskins players, it probably wasn’t a very good year in the fantasy ranks for Junior, either.

So, Junior tweets out the other night that he was staying at home because girlfriend Amy Reimann was out celebrating her apparent success this season in a dinner sponsored by her own “girls Fantasy Football League.”

For a guy who loves football as much as Junior does, you’d think he would have joined his significant other to enjoy the evening.

Instead of staying home “with the dogs.”

Unless, of course, Amy wound up doing better in her fantasy league this year than Junior.

Not to mention the last few words in his tweet, which could be interpreted as rather telling when it comes to his fantasy football team(s) this year: “My life’s all backwards.”

So, Junior, enquiring minds want to know: Did Amy’s fantasy football team trump yours?

Perhaps the best line about the whole incident came from In its story about the event, the guys from Shake&Bake put it perfectly:

“One can only imagine the conversation the couple must have had when she returned home.”

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