Diesel-powered drag racing body affiliates with NHRA


While the National Hot Rod Association is the big daddy of drag racing sanctioning bodies, one of the newer up-and-coming alternative series is the National Hot Rod Diesel Association.

The two sanctioning bodies of the straight line have united for the first time in 2015, as the NHRA has made the NHRDA an approved alternate sanctioning organization.

While that doesn’t mean you’ll see NHRDA diesel-powered vehicles at NHRA races any time soon, it does indicate that the two bodies will likely start working together with each other on improving the overall sport of drag racing – whether the race cars are powered by gas, alcohol, nitromethane or, now, diesel fuel.

“After five years of reaching out to the NHRA about this certification and not hearing anything back, we were beyond excited when they responded this year willing to consider us for this prestigious certification,” NHRDA president Randy Cole said, according to DieselArmy.com.

“Then when they looked into our organization and found us to be worthy of this new designation, we couldn’t help but smile and wanted to tell the world about it,” Cole added. “We truly strive to keep all of our events at a highly efficient, professional level and this just proves we are moving in the right direction.”

NHRA approval essentially means that after studying the way NHRDA conducts itself and its events, the NHRA believes NHRDA runs professional events, adheres to strict safety standards, accurate record keeping, a variety of racing class designations and a system to keep track of points earned in national events.

“There are like over 200 racing organizations in the USA and there are only handful that meet the NHRA standards and get ASO status,” Cole said. “This is not only a good thing for the NHRDA, but for diesel motorsports in general as the NHRA is the biggest race organization in the world and it now recognizes our sport as a legitimate form of drag racing and that the NHRDA has proven over the years we deserve this status.”

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