Dakar: The most extreme challenge? Two words – ‘malle moto’ (VIDEO)


You have to be wired a little differently to be a racer. That’s more or less acknowledged for guys and gals who willingly risk their lives in pushing the limits of themselves and their machines.

But within the Dakar Rally is a group of motorcycle riders that, together, may be the bravest and craziest of them all. For them, their Dakar challenge boils down to two words – malle moto.

In this class, competitors face the dangers of the Dakar on their own. No service crews. No assistance from anyone. Just themselves, their bikes, their wits, and one metal box to pack spare gear in. The race officials transport said boxes to each bivouac so riders can work on their bikes further after they’ve competed on the stages.

One of the riders in malle moto is Dutch rider Jurgen van der Goorbergh. The longtime MotoGP veteran has also become a regular in the Dakar with six overall appearances since 2009.

But for 2015, he’s embraced the toughest test in the world’s toughest rally.

“You get beyond your limits,” he says about malle moto. “It’s like…climbing Mount Everest without oxygen.”

For a closer look at what the Dutchman endures daily on the Dakar, check out the profile above.