Guess who’s not on Jeff Gordon’s dinner guest list: (Hint, it rhymes with ‘Mad’)


Besides riding a tricycle at Tuesday’s Washington Wizards’ game, Jeff Gordon made the rounds of some media outlets while in our nation’s capital to promote the upcoming season-opening Daytona 500.

Among those stops was at WTTG, Channel 5, a Fox affiliate. Gordon took part in a segment with sportscaster Scott Smith called “Rapid Fire,” where the four-time Sprint Cup champ was asked a series of quick questions followed by equally quick responses.

We have to give Smith credit, he asked a lot of good questions. Among them (and with Gordon’s reply):

* What is Gordon’s favorite pre-race meal? “Salmon and rice before every race, usually brown rice.”

* Gordon’s favorite racetrack? “Bristol. There’s just something about Bristol that’s awesome.”

* Over or under 50 lbs., the weight of the Harley Earl Trophy (for winning the Daytona 500): Gordon said under, but the trophy actually weighs 54 lbs.

* With Gordon being a big San Francisco 49ers fan, he was asked about where the team goes from here now that Jim Harbaugh has left as head coach: “They’re in bad shape. … I’m a big fan. I felt like Harbaugh has been a great contributor to their success. Now I’m anxious like every other 49er fan is to see who can replace him and elevate them back to that championship quality team they were.”

* The driver most likely to get invited to dinner at the Gordon household: “Probably Jimmie Johnson because he’s my neighbor. He lives around the corner from me.”

And then came the best question of the interview. Gordon’s response was no surprise:

* The person least likely to be invited to a Gordon family dinner: “Definitely Brad Keselowski. That was easy.”

Click here to see the entire interview with Gordon.

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