Kurt Busch’s ex says his claims of her being “trained assassin” came from her own movie script (UPDATED)


UPDATE (2:21 p.m. ET): Yahoo! Sports’ Jay Busbee has tweeted out an official statement from Patricia Driscoll and her attorneys that discloses more details about the movie script she claims former boyfriend and NASCAR driver Kurt Busch got his testimony of her being a “trained assassin” from.

As part of her own statement, Driscoll also says that Busch’s statements in court “serve to confirm my belief that he needs professional counseling to deal with his alcoholism and issues of depression” and that her concerns for the former Sprint Cup champion’s mental state have been brushed aside by his legal team.

Here is her statement in full:

“Over the past 7 years, I have worked on a movie script with producers about a female CIA operative and her work on classified missions for the U.S. The script was bought by a couple different production companies. Over the years, many people have heard the many variations the script has taken each time it was purchased by another studio. Mr. Busch has seen and given commentary to me on the latest script because some of the stories he told on the stand are straight from the script.

Mr. Busch’s statements in court serve to confirm my belief that he needs professional counseling to deal with his alcoholism and issues of depression. Since day one, I have stood by my statements that my motive was not greed but in fact concern for the man I loved. I have previously shared my concerns for Mr. Busch’s mental state since the onset of this case only to be dismissed by his legal team.

Perhaps now his family and those around him recognize his fragile state and will provide him the mental health care and support he needs. He clearly believes fiction is reality and that’s all the more reason he needs help.

Her attorneys, Delaware-based Carolyn McNeice and lead attorney Mark Dycio, have also chimed in one day after a protection order hearing ended in Kent County (Del.) Family Court.

From McNeice:

“The testimony will reflect Mr. Busch’s assistant admitted to him assaulting her, and Kurt begrudingly admitted to be [sic] being drunk and assaulting her. This is a guy who clearly has an anger problem.

“Mr. Busch’s story fell apart. He first publicly claimed nothing happened and by the end he’s testifying to putting his hands on Ms. Driscoll and “maybe” tapping her head against the wall. The Detective took the stand and said Mr. Busch testified on video that he cupped my client’s cheeks and tapped her head against the wall, as the record will reflect. He’s an abuser and he needs to be punished.”

Dycio adds the following: “I am saddened to see the path taken by Mr. Busch and his counsel. I think the public now understands why Ms. Driscoll sought counseling for Mr. Busch and why she believes a protective order is warranted.”

Driscoll alleges that Busch assaulted her inside his motorhome last September at Dover International Speedway. She is seeking a no-contact order against him.

On Tuesday afternoon, Busch elaborated further about his beliefs that Driscoll was a trained assassin – something that he and several others said Driscoll claimed she was during the previous day’s testimony.

While doing so, he talked about a particular covert mission of hers that, according to him, had her return to their hotel room in El Paso, Texas wearing a blood-stained gown.

When asked why he still believed Driscoll was an assassin, Busch said: “Everybody on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand…Sorry I’m the last one to the party.”

Driscoll responded by telling the Associated Press late Tuesday that Busch’s claims were not only “ludicrous and without basis” but taken “straight from a fictional movie script” that she’s been working on for eight years – and that the former Sprint Cup champion himself has proof-read.

“Not even [Busch’s attorney] Rusty Hardin believes this,” Driscoll said to the AP in reference to Busch’s assertions.

Driscoll’s comments to the AP put a cap on a day that also saw a Christian musician who performs at NASCAR outreach events and knows both Busch and Driscoll testify that the latter vowed to “destroy” Busch.

Richard Andrew Sniffen said he was told by Driscoll on the night of the alleged assault that Busch had pushed her and that she hit her head – not that he had slammed it against a bedroom wall three times as she has claimed.

Additionally, Sniffen testified that as conversations between him and Driscoll about the incident progressed over time, Driscoll’s thoughts went from reconciliation to revenge.

Busch has repeatedly denied Driscoll’s allegations. On Monday, he said that he had only cupped his hands around Driscoll’s face in their encounter and simply asked her to leave his motorhome. In Tuesday testimony, a detective with the Dover (Del.) Police Department recalled Busch’s November 2014 interview with the police in which the driver said Driscoll’s head tapped against the wall as he did that.

A court ruling on the matter is expected to be made sometime in the coming weeks.

Jon Offredo of the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal reports that Commissioner David Jones said he would rule on the order after receiving additional transcripts and closing summations from both Busch and Driscoll’s attorneys, which are due in two weeks.

Offredo’s report adds that after the hearing came to a close on Tuesday, Busch told reporters he was “just glad that the truth got told and that we’ll wait on the commissioner’s decision.” Driscoll declined to comment.

Ken Roczen signs with HEP Progressive Ecstar Suzuki for 2023

Roczen Progressive Ecstar Suzuki
Align Media

ANAHEIM, California – Ken Roczen will make the move from HRC Honda to H.E.P. Motorsports with the Progressive Ecstar Suzuki team, ending a long and eventful offseason that saw his split from his longstanding team after he committed to running World Supercross (WSX).

“H.E.P. Motorsports is thrilled to announce that the team has signed Ken Roczen as its premier rider for the 2023 season,” the team announced on Instagram. “Former AMA Motocross champion Roczen will be aboard a Suzuki RM-Z450. Roczen, who won his most recent championship on a Suzuki, will be reunited with the brand and bring his exciting style, determination, and grit back to the RM Army.

“Ken Roczen will compete in the upcoming 2023 Supercross and Motocross Championship series which is set to start on January 7 at Anaheim Stadium in Southern California.”

For Roczen, it is a return to the bike of his youth and on which he had some of his greatest professional success.

“This thing has been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks in the making, but there was so much uncertainty,” Roczen told NBC Sports during Monster Energy Supercross Media Sessions. “It was a very unique situation. I just finally signed two nights ago, so it’s really only legit once the ink hits the paper. It’s been in the works for a long time, but there were just a lot of questions and a lot of input from a lot of other teams too.

“Good things take time, and I’m okay with that. I grew up riding Suzuki. Ot’s like a homecoming. It’s a special feeling”

Roczen won the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship on a Suzuki before making the move to Honda. That year he won nine of 12 Nationals and finished no worse than second as he easily outpaced Eli Tomac by 86 points. He finished third in his next Pro Motocross outing in 2018 after sitting out the outdoor season in 2017.

“I am beyond excited to reconnect with Suzuki for the 3rd time in my career. We’ve had a lot of success in the past and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in our future.” Roczen said in the Instagram post.