Dakar: Watch Robby Gordon’s helmet cam video of his Stage 11 crash


Robby Gordon and co-driver Johnny Campbell somehow avoided the end of their Dakar Rally on Thursday in Stage 11.

During the stage, Gordon crashed into an embankment after he tried to slow down his No. 308 Gordini. But despite the incident, he was able to keep going and finish a respectable 13th in the stage. Now, the Planet Robby site has uploaded Gordon’s helmet cam video of the incident.

A faint “hang on” appears to be uttered inside the cockpit before the Gordini makes impact with the embankment.

“You OK, bud?,” Campbell asks Gordon after the car settles from the hard hit.

Gordon quickly replies, “Yeah, I’m OK. I think the car’s OK, too.”

Said Campbell in a team release from earlier tonight: “We crashed into an embankment and spun the car completely around in the air. Fortunately, we landed backward on all four tires. Robby restarted the car and took off. It could have been bad crashing at about 100 miles per hour and still scrubbing speed when we hit.”

Gordon himself later tweeted: “13th place in stage 11. Had some drama. Everyone OK – We fight on!”