Ecclestone confirms German GP to remain at Hockenheim


The German Grand Prix’s location had been listed as a TBD on the final version of the 2015 FIA calendar, which was updated upon official confirmation of the Korean Grand Prix dropping off the schedule.

Now, the German race has its site confirmed, with Bernie Ecclestone telling Reuters it will remain at Hockenheim for 2015 rather than shift to the Nurburgring, as it would ordinarily do given the alternating years.

“It’s going to be at Hockenheim,” Ecclestone told Reuters. “We just have to amend the years of the contract. It was alternating with Nurburgring so we’ll just take that out.”

The Nurburgring is going through an ownership change at the moment. Meanwhile Hockenheim came under fire this year for low attendance from Mercedes-Benz chairman Toto Wolff, among others.