Meet Tom Coronel, Dakar Rally journalist…and competitor (VIDEO)


Tom Coronel is no stranger to being behind the wheel. The Dutch driver has competed in a variety of racing leagues, including his current home in the World Touring Car Championship. He also has past experience in the Dakar Rally, having run the 2009 edition with his twin brother, Tim.

More recently, Tom had covered the Dakar as a reporter for Dutch television network RTL7. But after his 2009 experience, he had vowed to never compete it in again.

However, his brother Tim had other ideas.

“At the beginning of 2014, Tim showed me a buggy he had built,” Tom says on his Dakar profile. “He said: ‘It’s yours, now you do the Dakar.'”

After thinking it over, Tom decided to take the chance. But he had an idea of his own.

“I thought about it and went to RTL7 with the project of being a race reporter because after all, it’s difficult to show what goes on inside the rally,” Tom recalls. “They liked the idea and said OK. It was a no-brainer not to do it. My body and mind need new adventures.”

And so, Tom is not only battling some of the toughest terrain on Earth but also documenting his adventures along the way for his network.

To hear more about Tom’s unique Dakar story, check out the clip above.