F1: “After The Pies” – More from Lewis Hamilton and Men in Blazers (VIDEO)


At the end of each episode of Men in Blazers on NBCSN, Roger Bennett, Michael Davies, and their guest in the panic room partake of pies and predict the outcome of an upcoming soccer match before turning out the lights.

But the MiB’s interview with their guest is not the end. Indeed, there’s more to come After The Pies, and such was the case with two-time Formula One World Champion and Arsenal supporter Lewis Hamilton.

The bonus clip starts with Hamilton openly wondering about the panic room’s previous life (“Was this a toilet before?”) and denying that he was named after U.S. Olympic sprinting legend Carl Lewis (Carl is Hamilton’s middle name). He then talks about his first big crash in a go-kart and how he keeps motivated after years of F1 success.

You can check it out above.