F1: Lewis Hamilton enters the panic room on Men In Blazers (VIDEO)

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Outside the track, one of Lewis Hamilton’s biggest passions is soccer.

The two-time Formula One World Champion been a longtime supporter of Premier League team Arsenal, and wrote in his 2008 autobiography that if he had not become a driver, he likely would have pursued a career on the pitch.

Growing up, he even had future Manchester United standout Ashley Young as a teammate on his school’s team.

“I was one of the smaller players, and [Young] was even smaller than me,” Hamilton recalled in his recent visit to Roger Bennett and Michael Davies’ panic room on NBCSN’s Men in Blazers.

“At the time, you’d just push him off the ball [laughs]. The big guys would just be out to push him off but obviously, he’s grown up, he’s now a big, strapping lad…I was crazy. I was always center midfield, but I would play the position of forward and defense, so I was up and down like crazy.”

For more on Hamilton’s love of the game – and for the Gunners – check out his full interview with Roger and Michael in the clip above.