For sale: 5-time national championship dragster for $125k

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How many drag racing fans have said to themselves, “I could do that … if I only had the car to do it in”?

Well, it’s no secret that race teams sell their old cars and parts to each other. But it’s not very often that you find an ad online for a “complete car ready to run.”

We stumbled upon this ad on the eBay of racing cars and parts,

Five-time NHRA Alcohol/Fuel Dragster champion driver and team owner Bill Reichert can put you in the same car that he drove to all those national championships, plus a number of additional regional titles.

Plus, Reichert will throw in the fact that this dragster is still the current national record holder in A/FD in elapsed time (5.103 seconds) and speed (284.75 mph), both marks set back in 2007.

This award-winning hot rod can be all yours for a mere $125,000.

So if you’ve got that kind of cash lying around, click here to check out the entire ad.

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