Ferrari boss Arrivabene calls for “real revolution” in F1


Following three-time World Champion Niki Lauda’s recent comments that approved of possible future 1000hp cars in Formula One, Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has chimed in with his own thoughts on what F1 must do to spice up the show.

In a statement released on Ferrari’s website, Arrivabene says he agrees with Lauda’s beliefs that F1 needs to be “more spectacular” – adding that “the risk [Lauda] evokes of the sport losing fans is something that has unfortunately already happened.”

However, Arrivabene says a “real revolution” that goes beyond just louder engines is necessary to ensure F1’s place as the most popular form of motorsport in the world.

On top of changes to the machines, he feels that F1 must be proactive in being more fan friendly.

“By that, I mean more power, higher speeds, not necessarily involving the use of more fuel, but definitely applying a cost reduction to those components that are of little interest to the general public,” he explains.

“Being closer to the people actually involves taking F1 to the people – possibly holding the Thursday driver press conferences and team presentations of a Grand Prix weekend outside the circuit in a public area. That way, the cities that host the races could provide the arena for a presentation of the drivers and cars, in a properly managed event.”

To Arrivabene, these are ways F1 can combat what he sees as the competition – not other racing series, but other forms of entertainment in general.

“It is up to us to provide something better and to download a new format for Formula 1 as soon as possible,” he concludes. “How likely are we to do it? I know it wouldn’t be the usual way of going about things, but a global survey on the internet and via the TV companies would give us a real idea of what people want. In fact, even in this area of sport as entertainment, we should follow the trend of demand driving what’s on offer.”

1000hp cars, along with what ways would be best to reach that level, have been a recent topic of conversation among F1 technical directors. However, it is believed that such a change would not be ready to go into effect until at least the 2017 season.