NASCAR AMERICA: Rick Hendrick on Jeff Gordon’s impact (VIDEO)


Four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon will be remembered for many things when his full-time Sprint Cup career comes to a close at season’s end.

There’s the on-track success, of course, and his off-track philanthropy, too. But Gordon’s important role as a trailblazer for young drivers – particularly those from the open-wheel, sprint car world – cannot and will not be forgotten either.

Indeed, NASCAR has prospered in many ways thanks to Gordon’s efforts. His boss and friend, team owner Rick Hendrick, certainly knows that.

“When you think about what Jeff Gordon has really meant to the sport, when you think about how he opened the door for all the young drivers, the open-wheel drivers – he’s been responsible for so much success, not just for our company, but the whole sport,” Hendrick said to NASCAR AMERICA’s Marty Snider in today’s episode.

For more of Hendrick’s thoughts on Gordon’s decision, as well as what a post-Gordon future may hold for his team, check out the full interview above.