Brad Keselowski: Hard to believe it’s his sixth season with Penske already

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Though he always believes in looking ahead, Brad Keselowski looked back on his career Wednesday with Team Penske during the third day of the NASCAR Media Tour in Charlotte, N.C.

Keselowski is entering his sixth full-time season in the Sprint Cup Series and has 16 wins, 15 with Penske. Last season he scored a single season career-high of six victories. He also has 32 Xfinity Series wins, 26 with Penske (the other six with JR Motorsports).

Time certainly has flown for the 2012 champion.

“It’s hard to believe this is my sixth year at Penske,” the Rochester Hills, Mich., native said. “It’s been a tremendous ride, and I’m looking forward to the years to come.

“All of us, driver lineup wise, I think are set up here for years to come and it’s been a heck of a ride with winning races and winning championships.”

Keselowski signed with Penske in 2009, a few months after his first Cup victory in a memorable last-lap duel with Carl Edwards (whose Ford went sailing into the catchfence at Talladega Superspeedway).

“I remember when I walked in the door at Team Penske in the fall of 2009, Penske had three teams at the time with the 2, the 77 and the 12,” Keselowski said. “I remember seeing three cars parked, separate from each other, and all the teams were different. One team was in the Chase, and the other two weren’t.

“And now, here we have all our teams working together very closely. We certainly have more wins than we’ve had in a long time as a team and probably the best relationships inside the company that I would say ever, and I’m just thrilled to be a part of that.”

With five wins by teammate Joey Logano, Penske’s Fords accounted for 11 wins last season — second to Hendrick Motorsports among Sprint Cup organizations. Keselowski attributes success to staying the same.

“The continuity is huge,” he said. “As far as how it plays forward, you can’t get stuck on the past, and we talk about that all the time at Team Penske.

“We can be proud of it and can build a platform off it, and I think for us, we focus on what we have. And what we have are those strong relationships.

“We may not have eight cars, but we have three of the best, and that’s three of the best teams. I feel like we have an advantage with that. I think that’s a part of our success last year and I think that will be a part of our success for years to come.”

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