Pirelli: 2015 F1 tires an evolution of last year’s compounds


Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli has confirmed that it will not be making drastic changes to its compounds for the 2015 season, but has instead opted to update and adapt its current designs accordingly.

The Italian company first supplied tires to Formula 1 back in 2011, and was given the remit of ensuring that each race featured multiple pit stops to give teams a wider range of strategies to choose from.

However, it came in for criticism back in 2013 when a number of tire failures caused safety concerns, prompting a switch to a more conservative design for 2014.

In a press release previewing the new season, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said he was pleased with how 2014 had gone, and that 2015 was simply about refining the formula for F1 tires.

“Last year we faced the biggest challenge that we had experienced since entering the sport, thanks to a completely new generation of cars that featured very different characteristics to before,” Hembery said. “Nonetheless, we met all our targets of helping to provide entertaining races, plenty of overtaking opportunities, diverse strategy options and an average of two pit stops per car at each grand prix, despite the many unknown factors for everybody.”

Hembery revealed that the supersoft compound is the only tire to have been overhauled for the new season, providing the most amount of grip for races such as Singapore and Monaco.

“This year’s tires will be evolutions of the 2014 tires, with just one completely new tire: the supersoft, which has a fresh rear construction and compound,” he said. “The 2015 tyre range will be on track at Jerez in just a few days from now, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy looking back on the classic 2014 season from a tyre point of view.”