Hulkenberg heading into 2015 under less pressure


A word that would perhaps best describe Nico Hulkenberg in Formula 1 is “journeyman”. Since making his debut in 2010, he has raced for three different teams, and 2015 will in fact be the first time that he has raced in F1 with the same team for consecutive years.

With Force India, Hulkenberg enjoyed a solid campaign in 2014 that saw him finish ninth in the final standings, giving him little reason to look elsewhere for a seat.

Speaking to the team’s website, he admitted that not having to adapt to new surroundings has eased the pressure heading into the new season.

“It makes a big difference not having to adapt to new surroundings,” Hulkenberg said. “It means you don’t have that learning period when you have to get to know the people and adapt to the way a team works.

“So I think it takes the pressure off a little bit and you can focus all your energy on driving and improving the car.”

Hulkenberg also believes that a stabilization of the technical regulations will help his cause in 2015 as he will know what to expect from the new car.

“It makes things easier,” he acknowledged. “There are no surprises and you can begin the season feeling more comfortable because you know what to expect.

“Of course, there are always small changes – especially on things like the steering wheel – so there will always be new things to learn. I think it’s good to have stability because it’s quite confusing for the fans if you change the rules dramatically every year.”

As for his expectations of the year ahead? “I hope for spectacular things!” Hulkenberg said. “That means scoring many points, great racing and lots of fun.

“I’m part of a team that is growing and hungry for more. 2014 was our best season yet so we need to aim to go a step further this year and give the teams ahead of us a harder time.”