Button’s first day back in a Honda-powered McLaren cut short with issues


As was the case for Fernando Alonso on Sunday, Jenson Button was only able to put in six total laps on his first day in the McLaren MP4-30 Honda on Monday, with more power unit issues preventing the team from doing much further running.

A McLaren team release said the team elected to investigate the situation more deeply after a troubled morning, and did discover what was termed “a small ancillary issue that they believed to be the root cause of the trouble.”

Most of the afternoon was spent fixing the issue, before Button made it back out for a single lap to end the day.

Ever the diplomat, Button attempted to play down concerns and note that as this is the first test, it’s better to get whatever issues there are out of the way now before the season.

“We expected this test to be tricky – and the next two days probably won’t be plain sailing, either. But people have short memories,” Button said via the team. “Look at last winter – the first test of 2014 was very tough for everyone too.

“So there are no real worries at the moment. We’re just hopeful we’ve solved our issue – the last run of the day seems to have sorted the problem out, so I hope tomorrow will be a little easier.”

Button posted several times on social media today and expressed continued thanks for the new Honda partnership, in his first day back in a Honda-powered car since 2008.