Report: Ecclestone trying to save German Grand Prix


The German Grand Prix is in doubt for the 2015 season, with Bernie Ecclestone now telling Reuters he’s trying to save the race that currently is “not looking good.”

Last month, Ecclestone told Reuters the race would remain at Hockenheim for 2015 rather than reverting back to the Nurburgring, as it would have been due to shift in the rotation.

Per the new Reuters report out today, Ecclestone said nothing has been confirmed with Hockenheim and the race may be off the calendar altogether.

“It’s not looking good…you can say that it (the race) looks unlikely but we are trying to rescue it. I don’t want to lose it, for sure. We are trying our best,” Ecclestone told Reuters’ Alan Baldwin.

As it stands, the Nurburgring is facing its own reported financial issues and underwent an ownership change last year. Meanwhile Hockenheim has gone through a year where low attendance put it under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The potential of a year without a German race is now possible. The last year on the calendar without a German Grand Prix was 2007, but Nurburgring did play host to the renamed European Grand Prix that year.

The last year F1 failed to hold any race in Germany was in 1955, some 60 years ago, in the wake of that year’s disaster at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.