Brad Keselowski, girlfriend Paige White, expecting baby girl


Now Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch can be linked in another way.

Tough competitors on the track and team owners off it, they’ll share another common trait – both will become a dad in 2015.

Keselowski announced in a blog on his website that girfriend Paige White is due to deliver a baby girl. Keselowski did not give a date for the baby’s arrival. Busch’s wife, Samantha is due to deliver a baby boy in May. This follows the birth of Kyle Larson’s son, Owen, who was born in December.

Keselowski, 30, addressed the matter of having a child before being married in his blog:

“I know that we’re not doing this in the traditional order of things. I will simply say this: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, and Paige is a very large part of that. She’s an amazing person. She’s soft-spoken, well-educated and smart. She’s beautiful, which never hurts. Most importantly, she understands who I am and where I’ve come from in ways that most people wouldn’t know or understand. Her family, which is extremely supportive and feels like an extension of my own, came from very humble beginnings, just like mine did. She’s seen the world from a lot of different perspectives that most people never get to see.’’

Keselowski also had a request about his daughter-to-be.

“I do have one request of fans and the media regarding my daughter-to-be,’’ he wrote. “Some of you like me. Some of you dislike me. You all share your thoughts with me via social media, or in person at the tracks. I have no problem with any of that, good or bad. I’m a public figure, and that’s what I’ve signed up for. But the baby girl we’re having hasn’t signed up for any of that. So if you can keep the focus on me, that would mean a lot to us.’’