Daytona Beach’s Streamline Hotel, NASCAR’s birthplace, looks at summer re-opening

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Last spring, it was announced that NASCAR’s birthplace, the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida, was going to be transformed into a boutique inn.

Now, we have an idea of when the Streamline will be re-open for business. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that owner Eddie Hennessy is aiming for a June or July reopening with a base of 20-40 employees.

While the hotel will feature a modern art-deco look on the outside, NASCAR will still have a place on the inside.

The News-Journal reports that items such as racing photographs and “an antique Speedway stadium chair” will be placed around the hotel. But most important of all, Hennessy plans to revive the hotel’s rooftop Ebony Bar – the place where, in December of 1947, Bill France Sr. met with drivers, team owners, and promoters in a series of meetings that ultimately led to the creation of NASCAR.

“I want to keep the building true to its heritage,” said Hennessy, who adds that he’s invested about $2 million toward the ongoing renovations.

In addition to preserving the links to NASCAR, Hennessy and his partners are also making sure that their makeover retains the hotel’s original style. As the Streamline is a historical structure, they needed approval of their plans from a preservation board before getting started.

“Basically they looked at the whole project and they looked at the old pictures and said we have to bring back the 1940-type windows, color scheme, doors, railings,” said Paul Viscomi, who co-owns the construction company that’s serving as general contractor for the project. “Everything you see in these old pictures, we have to bring back.”

But if they can restore the Streamline’s original glory, it’ll all be worth it.