Attorney of Kurt Busch’s ex-girlfriend denies perjury claim in rebuttal


The attorney for Kurt Busch’s ex-girlfriend denied claims from Busch’s attorneys that Patricia Driscoll lied on the stand during a recent protection order hearing in Delaware.

Carolyn McNeice also wrote in her rebuttal of closing arguments that Busch and his camp have attempted to destroy Driscoll’s reputation in order to take focus off her allegations that Busch slammed her head three times into the wall of his motorhome during the September 2014 NASCAR weekend at Dover International Speedway.

“I suggest instead that Respondent (Busch) does not have a public relations problem; he has a domestic violence problem,” McNeice wrote according to Jon Offredo of the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal. “He committed an act of abuse and the Court should find in Mrs. Driscoll’s favor.”

Closing arguments from both McNeice and Busch’s lead defense attorney, Rusty Hardin, were filed on Wednesday. A final decision on the hearing is expected soon.

In his argument, Hardin not only made the claim that Driscoll perjured herself but questioned why she never rebutted Busch’s claim in his own testimony that she was a trained assassin. Per Offredo’s report, McNeice wrote in her Thursday rebuttal that Driscoll didn’t have to since she already did when asked in cross-examination.

Driscoll also issued a media statement after the assassin claim was made, stating that Busch had taken it from a movie script she had been developing.

Driscoll seeks a protection order against Busch and, according to court filings, she also wants him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as well as an evaluation from a domestic violence treatment agency.

Busch has denied all charges and has testified that all he did in his encounter with Driscoll at Dover was cup her face and calmly ask her to leave his motorhome.