NASCAR AMERICA: Brad Keselowski’s mission to prove he’s no fluke (VIDEO)


Being the aggressive driver that he is, former Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski has raised his share of ire from NASCAR Nation (and other drivers) for his ways on the track.

He’s grown a relatively thick skin to deal with it and shrugs off most of the criticism that comes his way – whether it be merely pointed or littered with f-words.

But there’s one f-word he can’t deal with: Fluke. He doesn’t want anybody to say his 2012 Cup title was just that.

It’s one reason why claiming a second championship is so important to him.

“I think you win a first championship and you still have all of those people who stand over your shoulder and use the word “fluke” or [go] “How did that happen” and blah, blah, blah,” Keselowski told NASCAR AMERICA’s Dave Burns in a recent one-on-one interview. “You don’t really shed that many detractors. But you do build a little bit of a fan base.

“To win a second championship, to me, would be a chance to really shed the detractors. It’s important to me to win the championship in more than one set of rule packages or more than one set of circumstances and prove myself as an elite driver in this sport for years to come.”

For the full interview with Keselowski, check out the clip at the top.