Symonds unsure 1,000bhp cars will resolve F1’s problems


Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds is unsure whether bringing back 1,000bhp engines to Formula 1 in the future is the right thing for the sport, believing that critics should focus on the good racing that was on display in 2014.

For last season, F1 downsized from V8 engines to turbocharged V6 power units, prompting criticism from many leading figures in the sport due to their reduced sound.

In recent months, many of the sport’s leaders have been discussing possible changes for the future, such as increasing the power of the engines to 1,000bhp whilst retaining the current V6 formula.

Although Symonds does believe that 1,000bhp cars would be entertaining, he feels that F1 would be better off concentrating on more pressing issues such as the cost crisis that is a very hot topic at the moment.

“It is possible to have these kind of cars and not even particularly difficult,” he told the official F1 website. “I would not say that I am dreaming about such a car, but then I am realistic, not a dreamer.

“At the moment what we need is to provide a decent business solution and not lose teams because it is so expensive. These are far more important concerns. 1000hp cars – great, good fun! But is that the right thing for F1 at the moment? I am not sure.”

Contrary to the opinion of ex-Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, Symonds feels that introduction of the new engine formula in 2014 was crucial for the future of the sport, and that turning the power up to 1,000bhp would not be an instant cure.

“I think what we’ve done with the power unit for 2014 was absolutely the right thing to do,” he said. “Probably we didn’t make enough of it.

“1000hp cars are not an instant cure. The Toyota Le Mans car has also 1000hp, and it is not more spectacular than a Formula 1 car. Last year we had some great racing, so let’s concentrate on racing and not follow wishful thinking.”