Formula E: Misfortune still playing on Heidfeld’s mind


Nick Heidfeld’s racing career has been a never-ending story of missed opportunities and bad luck, it seems.

The German driver holds the unwanted record of the most F1 podium finishes without winning a race, and even in his debut season in Formula E, he’s been coming unstuck time and time again.

Heidfeld was in the running to win the inaugural race in Beijing before a last-lap crash with Nicolas Prost, and was then disqualified from the next race in Malaysia.

Points did follow in Punta del Este and Buenos Aires, but further incidents have left the former Williams and BMW Sauber F1 driver stewing.

“These events are unfortunately still on my mind and you should try and always look at things positively but it is quite hard to take,” Heidfeld told “Things should have been very good without all these incidents, but could have, should have doesn’t count for anything, even less in sport.

“So yes, it is frustrating at the moment, especially knowing that we have good pace. Of course we’re working hard in order to ensure we have a strong car again for the next races. We’ve missed a lot of good opportunities.”

Venturi currently sits bottom of the championship standings with just eight points to its name, but Heidfeld is confident that the team has made some good steps forward and can be in better shape for the next ePrix in Miami next month.

“I think we’ve made big improvements over the course of the season, both on the team and the set-up side,” Heidfeld said. “I think we’ve quite publically stated the test after Punta del Este was crucial for us as we found massive improvement there.

“I think we didn’t show as much as we’d hoped at the next race [in Buenos Aires], but it’s to be expected as you can’t always translate everything you find on one circuit to the other.

“We’ve been quick in the races all season long but we’ve been lacking in the qualifying, so this was one of the objectives of the Punta test. We made a step forward there.”