Vettel unwilling to read too much into Ferrari’s pace


Four-time Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel is unwilling to read too much into Ferrari’s pre-season pace, believing that the pecking order could be very different come the first race of the year in Australia.

Ferrari has finished inside the top two on six of the seven days of pre-season testing so far, with Vettel’s fifth-place result in Barcelona today ending the run of impressive results.

However, the German driver is refusing to take too much from the times that have been set over the past three weeks, preferring to reserve judgement until the first race of the year.

“I would rather wait and see,” Vettel said. “It depends much more where you are at the races. If I ask you two years ago who had the strongest impression in testing, it might be very different come the first race.

“As I said, it is impossible to read. Everyone has their own plans but it’s difficult to know.”

Vettel completed 105 laps for Ferrari on Saturday despite spinning off during his very first outing of the day, believing that such mileage is crucial to help iron out any problems with the car before the first race of the season.

“We didn’t really change much on the car,” he said. “We worked on reliability and continued performance to keep understanding the car and put mileage on it.

“It’s important we keep putting a lot of miles on the car. It’s crucial to find things that cause problems and important to test to the limit then fix problems before you arrive in Australia.”

Vettel will close out the second pre-season test in Barcelona tomorrow with another full day of running.