Vettel may ignore ban on F1 helmet changes


Sebastian Vettel has said that he may ignore the ban on helmet design changes in Formula 1 this season if the punishment is a small fine that will be donated to charity.

Vettel has not stuck to a constant helmet design for the past two years in F1, ordinarily making a change at every single grand prix.

This prompted the F1 Commission to ban changes to helmet designs for 2015, confirming earlier this week that drivers must stick with the livery that they use at the opening race of the year in Australia.

However, Vettel told reporters in Barcelona yesterday that he may flout this ban if the punishment is light.

“I was going to do it a little less this year anyway,” Vettel said. “In these difficult times this seems to be all that they can agree on.

“I don’t know what the punishment will be, but if it is only a small fine for charity, then I will gladly change my helmet.”

As I wrote earlier this week, the decision to impose this ban on helmet changes is a reflection of the current state of Formula 1. Divisions run deep over important issues such as cost cutting and the commercial structure of the sport, yet innocuous matter such as helmets appear to have been dealt with in more efficient fashion.