Monday update: Alonso recovering, team says wind most likely culprit of crash


Both Fernando Alonso’s team and manager have provided updates on Monday on Alonso’s condition following his testing accident in Barcelona on Sunday.

McLaren has now issued an official update of its own on Alonso’s condition beyond the one it released on Sunday.

In a team statement, McLaren confirmed Alonso is making a solid recovery and is chatting to family, friends and hospital staff. He will stay in hospital for further observation.

McLaren did not confirm the extent of his injuries, but did note this:

“In hospital a thorough and complete analysis of his condition was performed, involving CT scans and MRI scans, all of which were completely normal.

“In order to provide the privacy and tranquillity required to facilitate a peaceful recuperation, he is being kept in hospital for further observation, and to recover from the effects of the medication that successfully managed his routine sedation yesterday.”

McLaren will determine later this week whether Alonso will participate in the next test. Kevin Magnussen or Stoffel Vandoorne would be available if need be.

“We intend to give him every opportunity to make a rapid and complete recovery, and will evaluate in due course whether or not he will participate in the next Barcelona test,” the statement continued.

Additionally, McLaren wrote the accident was most likely caused by high and gusty wind speeds through Turn 3. The team wrote there was no evidence of any mechanical failure of any kind, nor any loss of aerodynamic pressure or irregularity in the car’s ERS system.

From the statement: “That last point refutes the erroneous rumors that have spread recently to the effect that Fernando was rendered unconscious by an electrical fault. That is simply not true. Our data clearly shows that he was downshifting while applying full brake pressure right up to the moment of the first impact – something that clearly would not have been possible had he been unconscious at the time.

“Our data also confirms that Fernando’s car struck the inside concrete wall, first with its front-right wheel and then with its rear-right. It was a significant lateral impact, resulting in damage to the front upright and axle.

“After the initial impact, the car slid down the wall for about 15 seconds before coming to a halt. All four wheels remained attached to the car, but no damage was sustained by the bodywork or crash structure between the front and rear wheels.”

Alonso’s manager, Luis Garcia Abad, posted a picture of Alonso with a thumbs up, albeit still in a hospital bed. The two-time World Champion stayed overnight in hospital Sunday evening after the accident.

MotorSportsTalk will have more to follow upon further official updates.