Vettel left wanting more from Ferrari SF15-T in testing

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Sebastian Vettel is confident that the Ferrari SF15-T is a big step up from its 2014 model, but still believes that there is more pace to be found as pre-season testing begins to wind down in Barcelona.

Vettel will get his final run in the car on Sunday before making his Ferrari debut at the Australian Grand Prix on March 15.

The team has laid down an impressive pace throughout pre-season testing, appearing to have made a big improvement on its disappointing 2014 campaign that was statistically its worst in 21 years.

However, Vettel is still looking for more from the SF15-T despite enjoying a productive test for the team on Friday.

“I drove more than two grands prix today, but I don’t know if I won one, that depends on what the others did!” Vettel jested after the session. “Jokes apart, it’s nice that at the final test we could cover more and more mileage.

“Today we didn’t have any problem, we know there is still a lot of work we can do as a team, but so far I feel very good.

“If I had to pinpoint one thing, I’d rather be a bit quicker, but it’s difficult to evaluate how quick we are, because some people tried more of a qualifying trim and others did less so. I never drove the 2014 Ferrari, but I think this one is a massive step forward.

“That doesn’t mean that we are satisfied as it’s clear that if you want to win, you have to beat Mercedes. It’s exciting to see what’s going on behind them, which I think it’s not clear judging from the lap times we’ve seen so far.”

Kimi Raikkonen returned to the wheel of the SF15-T on Saturday in Barcelona, with Vettel getting the final run in pre-season testing on Sunday.