Thieves steal little boy’s mini-Outlaw sprint car and trailer


Less than three weeks after a Sprint Cup race car was stolen from a suburban Atlanta hotel parking lot, yet another race vehicle has been taken.

A mini-outlaw sprint car, as well as the trailer it was contained in, plus various bits of equipment and a race helmet were stolen sometime over the weekend from where it was parked in Concord, N.C.

The car is raced by Tyler Dolack, son of Chris Dolack, director of public and media relations for the World of Outlaws and DIRTcar Racing.

Here’s what Chris Dolack told MotorSportsTalk:

“It happened at some point after Friday afternoon as near as I can tell. We ran on Wednesday night, got rained out during hot laps, we loaded up and I brought it back to our office on Thursday morning, had the car out Thursday afternoon making sure it was OK after the rain and closed up the trailer.”

Dolack traveled to Washington D.C. over the weekend with his daughters, who participated in a swim meet.

“I walked out back of the office today, I was like, ‘Hey, where’s my trailer?’ We have three other trailers, a show truck and some other equipment back there but mine was gone.

“A white 6×12 cargo trailer, somebody probably figured it was an easy mark I guess. Just kills me. … The police came over, I believe they’ve been looking through some of the video that’s available from around the area in our business complex. I hope it turns up. Kind of feel helpless.”

It’s bad enough about the theft, but Chris Dolack has an even more difficult task ahead of him.

“I haven’t told Tyler yet,” Chris Dolack said. “Not sure how I’m going to break the news to him. We were supposed to practice tomorrow and race on Wednesday.”

Here’s a series of tweets and photos by the elder Dolack, asking for the public’s support in finding the missing race car and trailer.

If you have any information, call the Concord, N.C. police at (704) 920-5000.