Verstappen: No major updates for Toro Rosso until Austria


MONTMELO – Max Verstappen has revealed that Toro Rosso’s biggest update package will not break cover until the Austrian Grand Prix in June.

This weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix marks the beginning of the European season in Formula 1, and is usually the venue where most of the teams introduce a major update package on their cars.

Lotus, Ferrari and Red Bull are all set to run with a number of upgrades on their cars in a bid to move up the order, but Verstappen revealed that Toro Rosso will only be making a few minor changes for the race in Spain.

“It’s little things, so hopefully a few tenths would be nice, but we have to wait and see,” Verstappen said. “It’s not our biggest update what’s coming for the upcoming races.

“I think still the car we had is very strong high-speed anyway, so I don’t see a reason why we can’t fight for points.”

When asked by MotorSportsTalk when the biggest upgrade on the STR10 would arrive, Verstappen said: “I think more around Austria. That’s where we have a bigger gain.”

With such fine margins separating the midfield teams, losing ground in the development race could cause Toro Rosso to fall further back, and Verstappen admitted that the team will face a tough challenge in the next four races.

“Of course, it will be quite hard,” he said. “Lotus is quite strong at the moment, but with Sauber, McLaren – we still have to wait because for sure their engine will improve.

“But yeah, I’m still confident that we have a great car.”

Two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen was forced to backtrack on comments about Verstappen being too young for F1 earlier this week, admitting that the Dutchman had proven him wrong so far this season.

“I think it’s a good thing,” Verstappen said. “I’m showing good performances in F1 so far in the racing, and it’s always nice that people are coming back on earlier conclusions. So yeah, I’m happy about that.”