Sainz and Kvyat avoid penalties for late clash (VIDEO)


MONTMELO – Carlos Sainz Jr and Daniil Kvyat have both avoided a post-race penalty after clashing in the final stages of today’s Spanish Grand Prix.

The two drivers were fighting over ninth and tenth position on the final lap of the race, but made contact heading into the first corner after both drivers changed position.

Sainz was forced off-track, but came under investigation after he appeared to gain an advantage by doing so, thus allowing him to finish the race in ninth place ahead of the Red Bull driver.

“I think he should be penalized,” Kvyat said after the race. “It was a nice battle but he passed me off the track, cut the chicane and didn’t give the position back. But anyway, let’s see what the stewards will say.”

The stewards did not agree with Kvyat, and instead deemed the clash to have been a racing incident given that the Russian had changed position three times.

“On each alleged breach, no further action is deemed warranted,” a statement from the stewards read.

As a result, the preliminary classification remains unchanged, meaning that Sainz keeps ninth place ahead of Kvyat in P10.